i looove days like today.
today felt like how saturdays should be.
was i super productive? not really.
but i think that's what made it great...that and the gorgeous weather.

days like this come too few and far between. it seems like there's always something that needs done or something going on. of course there were things i could have been doing today, but that's always the case, isn't it?

today felt like a real sabbath. i need to make time for more of those somehow. i always think it, but rarely do it.

started off the day by walking 3 miles with my hubby. there's this cute little path that goes by a park with waterfalls, so it almost feels more like you're going on a hike.

on our walk we discovered a farmer's market that's opened up in our neighborhood on saturdays now! so we showed a bit of support by buying some apples, and eating lunch on the patio of a restaurant a few yards away.

the rest of the day was spent grocery shopping, doing a few necessary chores, and then buying lemonade from some kids at a lemonade stand down the street.
did i really want lemonade? not really. but the kids were super cute, and it was only .50, so i couldn't say no.

now i'm finishing the day by delving into an awesome book i borrowed from a friend called "The Girl from Foreign", while i sit in my indian swing. ahhh! i love a good book. more on the book later.

but anyways, awesome day. who knows what the rest of the evening will hold. i'm trying hard to stay away from any real work if i can though. :) these kinds of days just don't come often enough.

i guess there's a reason God told us to take a sabbath. my mental health feels improved already.

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  1. Ahh I love those days as well. I guess GOD is right we need one once and while. I went to B&N.COM to read what that book is about it sounds interesting hope to hear how it is if it's good I would not mind reading it then.


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