so our dear friends asked us if they could throw a Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon Birthday Party at our house...

to which our response was obviously, HECK YES!

first of all, i love it when people have parties at our place. it's all the fun of throwing a party yourself, but oh so much less responsibility! :)

and secondly, being the geeks that we are, how could we not get totally psyched at the idea of a LOTR party?! oh, and did i mention that there would also be 7 hobbit they have in the shire?!

anyways...needless to say it was epic.
probably the coolest party ever. i wish i had thought of it first.

our house was totally transformed into middle earth...
once we started decorating, we all kind of got carried away and stayed up till 3:30am kind of having our own pre-party party. it was totally worth it. :)

our dining room was rivendell...

my friend april deserves the best wife award for making her husband this cake and for all her hard work!

fanghorn forest?

how about a little hobbit stew?

or shelob cookies...

and maybe some lembas bread? one small bite will feed a grown man for a day. i found this recipe online, and  it was definitely other worldly.

oh, and did i mention that there were costumes? i wish i'd gotten pics of everyone...

if you go to the bathroom, be careful as you pass through shelob's lair...

happy birthday kyle! thanks to you and april for letting us be a part of the fun!


  1. this is the greatest party I have ever seen! Wow! Great job :)


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