shomik and i recently had to make a little day trip to houston for some visa business, and while we were down that far anyways, and since we had a bit of time to kill once we got down there, we decided to take a little side trip to galveston.

ok, so people will complain about the beaches in texas...
yeah, sure, it may not be florida or whatever, but it's still a beach, and i still love it!

in fact, shomik and i got engaged in galveston. so getting to take a trip back there was a little romantic for us. we hadn't been back since because the island had been pretty damaged by hurricane ike a couple years ago. but it looked like the city had really rebuilt, and it was great to see that place again!

but first on the way there, shomik had to take me to his favorite indian restaurant...where he stocked up on one of his all time favorite indian foods. puranpuri.

not really sure how to describe what that is, except for that its like a tortilla stuffed with sweet goodness.

we did get a little surprise once we got our bill though...
hey, wait a sec...that last thing isn't what we ordered! hehe. worst typo ever.
lesson: don't try to spell out english words phonetically if you have an indian accent! :)

but anyways, on to galveston!

we happened to have the dogs with us, because we didn't want them stuck in the house for 16+ hours, and they like road trips, so they got to enjoy the beach with us too!

so pardon the cheesiness and the crappy phone video quality, but i compiled a quick video of our time at the beach with the doggies....combined with my favorite glen campbell song! once again. i apologize! haha.

anytime i go to galveston i always have this song stuck in my head!
you're welcome. :)

if you noticed that numa isn't a part of the seaside fun, it's because she's a big party pooper when it comes to water. this was about as close as we could get her to the action.

and lets just say that on the way home, us and the dogs pretty much had sand in every corner and crevice. bindi went a little sand crrrrazy.

but all in all our little detour to galveston gave us an awesome and unexpected little break that i think we were both seriously needing.

and it's crazy hard to believe that it's been almost exactly 4 years since our last trip there when we got engaged! it seems like yesterday, and yet also so many things have happened and changed in that time.

but i think galveston will always hold a special place in my heart now, since i made the best decision of my life there...i promised to marry shomik!

yes, it turned out to be a wonderful decision indeed. :)


  1. Bindi looks like he LOVES the beach!

    We've never taken our dogs to the beach, but now that we're within an hour (even if it's the cold Pacific), it's on my list.

  2. AHHH I miss texas!!! Great song for the vid it was not that bad it was good the doggies looked like they had great time yay! Yea that was some typeo on the bill hah! Glad you had great time on your trip

  3. Looks like the dog had lots of fun!

    One question: is Shomik a Bengali?


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