we have an 11 month old in the house!

every day jia seems less like a baby, and more and more like a toddler! she's yet to take her first independent steps, but she walks around pushing her little cart all day as if it were her job!

she has 6 teeth, and there are definitely some others under the gums trying to cut through, but now she has a cute toothy grin!

one of her favorite new skills is clapping...she wants to clap all the time!

and the girl still hasn't met a food she doesn't like. she loves to eat pretty much anything!

it's starting to get hot in texas, so we got her a little baby splash pool, and she loves it! she's definitely a water baby. we're looking forward to her swim classes next month!

last year around this time i was very pregnant, but this last weekend i got to celebrate my first official mother's day! really being her mother is such a blessing. i had no idea what a joy it would be! pure exhausting joy! :)

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