i don't blog nearly often enough, but pretty much the only reason i blog at all is because my mind is like a sieve these day and i want to note down all the special memories that i can before they fall right out of my head. so most things i write may not interest anyone other than me, but for me they are little things about my baby that i just want to make sure i remember.

jia is 21 months old now, and she has friends! she's just starting to sort of play with other kids, as opposed to just parallel playing.

one of her best friends at this point is a little darling named cora. cora is really almost more like a cousin, because her parents are some of our favorite people in the world and they live just around the corner from us.

so these two spend a lot of time together. they're exactly 9 months apart in age, so cora is baby enough that jia is fascinated with her, and jia is big enough, that cora thinks she's cool.

for whatever reason, jia calls cora "iya". this is a regular conversation between jia and my husband.

husband: "jia, can you say CORA?"
jia: "iya".
husband: "say CO-"
jia: "CO-"
husband: "RA"
jia: "RA"
husband: "cora".
jia" "iya".

jia and cora don't know many of the rules of proper social interaction, but jia has only hit cora over the head with a toy once, so in toddler terms i think that pretty much means they're best friends. one of jia's favorite games is stealing cora's pacifier out of her mouth so that cora will chase her. consequently this is not cora's favorite game. cora's favorite game is trying to block jia from going through a tunnel or down a slide at the playground. when your best friend is a toddler, i guess you get used to playing a little bit rough. :)

as you know, sharing can be an issue for toddlers, but jia has figured out a way to use the whole system of sharing to her benefit with cora. whenever cora has a toy that jia wants, jia simply starts bringing cora a bunch of other toys until she gets distracted and turns her attention to a new one, allowing jia to snatch away the desired toy. it's great having a best friend with a short attention span...at least when you're 1.

anyways, it's a lot of fun seeing these two cuties grow up together, and i'm so looking forward to seeing them grow together through the years! love these girls!

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