2015 was quite the year.

i mean that in a good way. it will be one that is hard to beat.

this year we saw many prayers answered. it was like a year of harvest.

first of all our sweetheart mira was born, and she's been the perfect addition to our family. God couldn't have picked a more perfect little girl to join us!

then in other news shomik's sister got married. no one can understand what a huge answer to prayer this was. there were circumstances that made marriage a challenge for her, and marriage is really important still for a woman's security in india, so it was a constant stress on the back of our minds. and God just brought everything together and made it happen in ways that truly astounded us. even now sometimes it's hard to believe it all happened.

and to top it off, after a decade of trying to get a visa for shomik's dad to visit us in the US, he finally got a green card and has spent several months with us here.

we also got to visit india this year with the whole family for the wedding, though it will likely be our last trip there for awhile since our family has grown and shomik's dad is able to visit here now.

the most stressful thing this year was just that we spent the money. all the money. but i can't complain about the blessings we had to spend them on.

we're all healthy and so blessed.

thank you God for being with this past year, and we're praying for an amazing 2016!

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