i know i'm a little late, but after hearing about it forever, i've finally jumped on the pinterest bandwagon...and it think it is going to change my life!

ok, so maybe that's a little dramatic...but seriously, for me i will say that this could trump facebook.
i know. that's a bold statement. and i've only been on it for 24 hours! :P
but i can already tell you that it's much more my style.

if you haven't heard about pinterest, it's basically a social network that helps you catalog all the things you love...and as a bonus you get to share with friends too.

so this is the story of my life. i stumble across something cool on the web, and it's probably not related to what i'm working on at the moment,  but i decide i must save the image for future reference. so i throw it in a folder on my computer where it (a) never sees the light of day again, or (b) when i do get around to checking it out again, i have no idea where it came from.

the concept behind pinterest is that when you run across something you like, you "pin" it (using a button that gets added to your book mark tool bar), and it goes onto your pinterest 'board'. not only is the image saved, but also the source link is referenced. which means that you can use pinterest for almost anything, from recipes, to diy, to shopping!

when you pin things to your board they also get shared with your friends, and vice versa. which means there is constant inspiration coming from all directions as your friends find stuff as well...which you can then re-pin for yourself! you can also specify your interest by choosing certain boards that you want to follow.

my job often requires a bit of creativity, so God knows i need all the help this little mind can get! (do you like how i'm justifying using this for work? hmmm...)

anyways, it's pretty self explanatory once you get on there. and addictive. beware.

oh, and i've added a link to pinterest on my little ol'blog here, so if you're on pinterest, click the button the side bar to follow my boards!
happy pinning!

so remember our great idea to take a dogcation? (=vacation with our dogs)
well, i still think it was a nice idea, but this year it was kind of a fail.

since it's a million degrees in texas, we decided to drive up to the rocky mountains to beat the heat with the pups a couple weeks ago!

however, word to the wise...make sure you get a vet check up before taking your dog to a high altitude! we almost lost a pup!

poor mowgli. our little old man.
what started off as lethargy turned into a cough and difficulty breathing, until his face turned blue, and we took him to the vet in colorado, who loaded him up with meds and told us to drive back to texas as fast as we could!

apparently our poor momo has congestive heart failure (and possibly a heart tumor, but we're praying it isn't!). the vet said that this is an underlying issue that had been building for awhile (though his annual check ups never picked up on it!), and is common for his age and breed.

the good news, hopefully by taking this trip we caught his heart problems earlier than we would have otherwise. with the right medication we will be treating him sooner, and hopefully still have him around for a good long while. say a prayer for him though!

i'm talking about it nonchalantly now, but this happened a couple weeks ago. i've been too traumatized to share before now. but mowgli is pretty much back to acting like his old self, so i'm able to breathe again!

i guess the vacation wasn't a total fail.
we did have a fantastic time before mowgli decided to almost kick the bucket.

look, the dirt matches my hair! (in route near amarillo)

caprock canyons (still in texas)

bindi matches the dirt too. :P (and doesn't she look like she's heckling in this pic?!)

great sand dunes national park, co

yes. it's giant sand dunes randomly in the middle of the rockies!

i think mowgli was still having fun at this point too...

our little mountain retreat! it was a 100+ year old guard station. if you ever want nice and cheap vacation accommodations, be sure to check out the national forest service!

our good friend abhishek met us for a day, and we drove up into the mountains on the back roads with his subaru...and got a little lost too! ;) but hey, we're still alive. navigators extraordinaire.

it looks small from here, but that was a huge waterfall coming off the mountains!

ruins from an ancient city of cliff dwellers in mesa verde national park. definitely go and see this if you ever get the chance.

our cute little dog friendly B&B. this was a historic inn, and we actually stayed in the room that teddy roosevelt supposedly stayed in when he passed through the area!

unfortunately our vacation ended here. telluride and santa fe were still on the agenda, but we had too book it back to texas to get our sweet baby home asap.

but maybe another year. i'm sure there will be other summers that we'll need to escape the texas heat...just maybe not with the pups.

today my dear husband turns 32.

so i'd like to dedicate my blog to him today, and share just 32 of the little things that make me head over heels for him more and more! i love you shomik!

1. i love your generosity and willingness to always help others.
2. i love that you've created a home together with me.
3. i love your obsession with excel sheets.
4. i love the way you can never find anything.
5. i love your karate skills.
6. i love the way you love my family.
7. i love your full kissable lips!
8. i love it that you cook for me...and you're a great cook!
9. i love your big brown eyes.
10. i love the way i still can't always understand your crazy indian accent! ;)
11. which reminds me...i love the way your say the word 'squirrel'!
12. i love the way you oil your head! :P
13. i love it that you've been with me during some of the best moments of my life.
14. i love it even more that you've been there with me during the worst moments of my life.
15. i love your interest in learning new things.
16. i love it that you're a nerd!
17. i love the way you're such a hard worker.
18. i love it when you laugh out loud!
19. i love how you are such a patient teacher.
20. i love the way you research everything.
21. i love the way you love God, and have sought to truly know him even when it wasn't easy.
22. i love the way you think everything through.
23. i love it that you take care of me.
24. i love the way you treat our pets like your children!
25. i love the way you look after your family.
26. i love it that you can speak like 4 different languages and don't even think it's a big deal.
27. i love your obsession with collecting love songs.
28. i love the ways you sometimes remind me of my dad.
29. i love it that you're a perfectionist.
30. i love it that you've shared a whole new culture with me.
31. i love it that we've seen the world together.
32. i love and i'm so thankful that you've been willing to give up so much to be with me.

there are many more things that i love about you...but i guess i'll have to save those for the many years to come! ;)
happy birthday my love.

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