our little munchkin turns two next month, and we haven't had a vacation in a VERY long time, so we decided to take a little trip now while she still flies for free!

my husband and i had both been to mexico before, but never for tourism, so we decided to check out the caribbean! since cancun was only a 2 hour flight away, that also made the decision easy!

so we found a cheap deal for a family friendly all inclusive and just went for it! 
definitely one of the best vacation decisions we've ever made! 

there was fun stuff for all of us, and most importantly, jia had a blast, which made it easy for us to have fun and relax. 

the first few mornings when she woke up, the first words out of her mouth were "water!" 

that kid could have stayed in the water all day, so thankfully our room was just 10 steps from the sea!

in addition to being beach bums, we swam with dolphins, which ended up being more exciting for us than jia! :P 

we also took a ferry to isle mujeres, and enjoyed a day of tiny island living! jia loved helping "drive" the golf cart around the island! she didn't love the boat ride over there so much though. i may have received the vomit baptism of motherhood, so between hers and my husband's sea sickness, i think it's safe to say there won't be many cruises in our future!

the resort itself had a lot of fun stuff, including a water park for the kids which jia also loved. a lot of the places we saw in cancun seemed like they were trying to go for a vegas/miami kind of vibe, but we loved that this place had a traditional mexican style and was out of the main hotel zone.

i can be a bit of a homebody, but this is probably the only vacation where when we had to leave i wasn't yet ready to go home! we will definitely have to plan some future family vacations to this area. i still can't get over how blue the sea was!

caribbean...we'll be back!!

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