i say last days of summer...but it's hard to even imagine summer being over while it's still 100+ degrees every day. at this point i'm begging for fall to come!

but since i work in campus ministry, my life revolves around the university calendar, which means august = crazy time. and even though the weather outside is still screaming summer for a few more weeks, those laid back summer days have officially come to an end for us...though i love the busy fall days just as much!

i've noticed a trend of moms doing "summer bucket lists" with their kids, and i definitely need to do that in the future so that i don't let the seasons slip away from me.

but still we had a lot of fun times this summer. i love getting to spend each day with my baby girl who is growing up way too quickly. she is growing into her personality and becoming so much fun.

we spent a lot of days the pool and splash park this summer just to cool ourselves off. this was a milder summer than normal in texas, but still to survive outside during these months you pretty much always need to be in water or eating ice cream.

we had really pleasant weather a few times though and were able to sneak in trips to the zoo and arboretum without having a heat stroke.

when all else failed, we would take trips to the indoor play areas in malls or gyms. at this age jia really keeps me moving. i've learned that outings are usually the best way to keep my house clean (ish), as well as get the toddler good and tired for a nap.

we also used our outdoor movie screen this summer... a LOT! we've definitely already gotten our money's worth out of that investment. i can't wait to use it in cooler weather now when there aren't so many mosquitoes, and we can all sit around the fire pit!

so summer, we had fun. but now bring on the fall! :)

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