i feel like a horrible mom! how did i get this far behind in documenting my sweet mira?!

anyways, the past couple months have been a whirlwind! mira enjoyed her first thanksgiving and christmas!

we waited until 6 months to let mira try solids. her first food was sweet potato, and at first she wasn't sure what to think. but after a couple days she was eating like a pro! we did baby led weaning again this time, so we let her feed herself. so far her favorite food may be bananas. she's already developing a serious pincher grasp!

shortly after she turned 5 months she started to sit up pretty well by herself. now she's a total pro, though she hasn't really tried crawling that much yet. she's also still toothless, which is a surprise to me since her teeth have been bothering her like crazy for months!

at her six month check up she weighed in a little over 16lbs...which was almost 3 lbs less than her big sis at that age! no worries though, she isn't starving...she's still in the 61st percentile. :) we're so blessed that she's a super healthy child!

she also got dedicated at our church in november and was a perfect angel baby playing peek-a-boo with the pastor while they prayed over her!

she's still as chatty as ever. i swear the other day she was crying and said mama! but i'm still waiting for her to do it again. :) she hasn't developed a sense of stranger danger yet. she seems to be my little socialite, so we'll see if that happens. she enjoyed being around people during the holidays, and she actually showed interest in some of her christmas gifts as well as the wrapping!

i love this little sweetheart!

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