ok so i just have to make a note of the little things jia does at this age because my mental notes tend to get lost. ;)

it is so much fun watching her explore the world through play at this age as she's starting to use her imagination.

dress up has been a favorite for awhile, and she loves playing with her dolls/stuffed toys and feeding them, putting them to sleep, teaching them, etc. but this week she took her pretending to a whole new level.

we took her to my grandma's last weekend who lives out in the country. she has a chicken yard with a pet bunny that runs around with the chickens. jia was obsessed with both the chickens and the bunny, but especially the bunny! so this week she has been happily bouncing around the floor on all fours and trying to eat her snacks off of a plate on the floor! yay for the fun of make believe!

other than playing pretend, her other favorite thing at the moment is stickers. like it's an obsession. on most days she is covered and so is our house. we may be taking a quick trip to india next month and if so then you better believe i'll be bringing a lot of stickers along for that crazy long flight!

love her.

so in addition to our 3 dogs and a pond of goldfish, we now have a turtle.

i have been wanting a box turtle for years. we live near a creek though so most of the turtles you see out crossing the roads are water turtles.

a friend found a 3 toed box turtle on the road last week though and we offered to give her a home in our backyard.

it is in fact a "her" according to the internet, which has now made me an expert. ;)

now here's just hoping she will be happy and stay put...and that the dogs will let her live happily ever after. :)

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