ok, so i know that my blog has been quite baby centric these days.

my apologies...and i might as well apologize in advance, because i'm afraid it may only get worse for a bit.

with less than 4 months to go, and with life looking pretty busy up until then, most of my spare moments are now being utilized to either prepare for the baby, or do things that will be easier to do now before the baby comes. already from the womb this kiddo is taking over! haha.

but anyways, needless to say i have begun the overwhelming task of looking for baby stuff.

however, i don't know if i'm just a weirdo or what, because most of it doesn't appeal to me at all! why does baby stuff have to be all in pastels or primaries...who ever decided that's what babies like?

well anyways, i have a friend with an etsy store full of baby stuff that i love, so i thought i'd share that with you today. the store is called susie mey, and it utilizes indian textiles to make cute things for little people!

i call susan a friend, though i think we've maybe only met once or twice a long time ago...but we have a lot of mutual friends, and whenever i see her designs i know that we're kindred spirits!

check out a few of my favorite things from her shop...

a block printed crib blanket! have i ever mentioned that i'm a total sucker for anything in block print? these colors would go perfect with what i have in mind for a nursery as well.

block print bibs! i can't control myself. i most likely will be ordering up several of these. she makes them with a waterproof liner as well. and i love that the patterns are so charming, but also gender neutral! did i mention that we're not finding out our baby's gender? well, at least trying not to. :)

but if we have a baby girl, you better believe i'll eventually be ordering some of this cuteness...

oh, and i'm pretty sure i need a couple different cute patterns of the block print swaddling blankets as well... :)

it's a good thing i'm married to an indian, because i have a small obsession with indian textiles and decor...and our cross cultural household gives me a good excuse to indulge! ;)

oh, and did i mention that susan has a cross cultural home as well? she's of indian descent while her husband is a gringo like me, so i'm also inspired by the cute mixed babyness!

so thanks susan for the gorgeous baby stuff you put out there!

today would have been my dad's 59th birthday. i always miss him a little extra on this day, but this year as i think of him i can't help but think about how this year he would have been a grandpa.

i don't know how to explain this without sounding crazy...but today i feel thankful that i miss him. i feel thankful for the sense of losing something so great.

i think the reason is because my child will never get to know him. they'll never know the feeling of loss and missing him, because they will never know the feeling of having him. and for that reason i feel sad for my child and what they will miss... even though they'll also miss the grief of loss.

growing up, i had all four of my grandparents living until i was 12. i guess it was something that i took for granted. our child will only know 2 of their grandparents. and only one of them lives on the same continent.

that is sad for me because i know what they're missing out on...but for this child, i guess you don't really miss something that you never had. i do know that this kid will be loved by a lot of people though.

one of my dad's favorite books of the bible was job. and today i can't help but think of the verse where he says "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised." (Job 1:21)

i think today for the first time...almost 3.5 years after losing my dad, i can finally say that to God with full honesty. of course i wish more than anything that i still had my dad here with me. but even when He takes away...God is good. he gave me the most wonderful father a girl could ask for...and now He's given us a new blessing.

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