ok, so the past month has been crrrrazytown!

not in a bad way. just in a busy way. in fact, there are probably a million other things i should be doing at the moment, but i feel the need to blog. i need the diversion. my brain needs to let off a little steam. :) so anyways...

remember how a couple months ago i found a pretty cool vintage capiz light at the habitat restore?

well. it is still sitting in our garage. forever waiting to be installed by my hubby.
but unfortunately for him, i've developed a new light fixture crush in the mean time, and this one costs more than $2.

that's what happens babe. :P

anyhow, i found an image of a gorgeous dining room on pinterest awhile back. check it out...

pretty, huh? i like the feel of it...that mirror rocks, and i'm a total sucker for moroccan inspired lighting!

so you can imagine that i fell pretty quickly when i saw this in world market's new lighting selection!

i think i'm in love. what to do!?

i could totally imagine a couple of these over our dining table! it's not cheap though, but at $69 a pop, it's probably not really more expensive than buying something like this in india would be. that's what i love about world market. a lot of their larger handmade items are actually priced really well...plus they give you sweet coupons on top of it all!

so what do yall think?
i love a global look. though i worry a bit about overkill, because seriously folks...i have an addiction! i think there's probably more indian/ethnic stuff in my house than in any place i've seen in india!
so how much is too much? what's the line between awesome and crrrrazy?! :)

how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?!

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