ok, so one of the major cultural things americans get freaked out about in indian culture is arranged marriage... i used to initially as well.

but after being surrounded by indian culture for a few years, i am starting to understand some of the benefits.

first of all, arranged marriage these days isn't really how people might imagine it.
basically family introduces people to each other, and if they find someone they like then they commit to the match and spend the next few months getting to know each other before they tie the knot.

rarely are there cases anymore of meeting someone the day of your wedding or something...and people usually have a say in who they will marry.

american parents try to match their kids up too...just in a less formal way, and with less authority.

as a girl in the usa though, dating can be a stressful way to find a husband. american men often don't know where they're going in a relationship. in some ways the indian method gives a lot more security. you're only meeting people with the intention of marriage...plus you have a little help.

deep down i think many americans want that...a less haphazard way of finding a spouse.
that's why we've come up with eharmoney and all those other matching sites, right?

to me the biggest difference between that and arranged marriage is the role that family plays. and that's a whole other issue.

i'm about to have to help arrange my sis in law, which is definitely a role i never in my wildest dreams would have imagined taking on! when it comes down to it like that, it still feels pretty foreign to me...

and of course i love a good love marriage! ;) and so do indians...just look at all the bollywood movies!

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