well my littlest munchkin is now 2 months old!
oh the joy of being 2 months and receiving the blessed gift of shots!

baby girl was a trooper though. just was a happy baby all through her appointment and just cried for a few second when she got poked. she's grown to 12lbs and 1.5 ounces, which is just a couple ounces smaller that her big sister was at that age! so even though she started off more than a pound smaller, she's catching up!

mira has her fussy moments, but if eating doesn't fix it, she can usually be calmed by a stroll. she's over all such a dream baby. happy, chatting, cooing, and regularly sleeping 6-8 hour stretches at night!

this kid has taught me more than ever that parenting skills have nothing to do with a baby's sleep patterns. with jia i went by the book to try to make her a good sleeper, and it never worked. she just became a good sleeper on her own time. but mira loves to sleep and with the craziness of having a toddler i've had her in no kind of routine whatsoever. kids are so different!

anyways, i'm loving having 2 girls. jia loves her sister...sometimes a little too much, but her heart is in the right place! ;)

well, my baby is already a month old, and i'm already behind in keeping track of things!

i did monthly updates with jia for the first year though, and i intend to do the same with mira. i'm just taking her picture with my childhood kermit toy each month to see her growth and remember notable details. i guess this is the modern version of a baby book! ;)

from the start mira has been a pretty tranquil kid. at one month she slept a 6 hour stretch at night, and she usually just wakes a couple times a night. if she's fussy, she's pretty easy to figure out so far. she either wants milk, her paci, or to walk around (being held upright of course though so she can see!) but yeah, speaking of that, she takes a PACI! jia never would so this is a whole new world for me! i kind of love it. let's see if i still love it though when it's time to wean her! :)

like her big sister, mira could pretty much hold up her head and kick off with her feet from the start, and she's already a fan of tummy time! i suspect that with a big sister to keep up with that this one might go mobile early.

so far her eyes are still bluish, so the pediatrician suspects that they may stay light instead of going brown. at her one month appointment she was already 10.4lbs and had worked her way up to the 75th percentile! so she's about the same size as her big sister at that age! so she had gained nearly 3lbs and more than 2 inches in the first month! i like my babies chunky! ;)

we're crazy about this kid already...it's hard to imagine our lives before she arrived! 

  1. How old are you? - 3
  2. Who is your best friend - Cora
  3. Favorite thing to do? - play things
  4. Favorite color? - yellow and orange and pink and red and blue
  5. Favorite food? – sandwich
  6. Favorite song? – Uptown Funk and Let it Go
  7. Favorite animal? - Zebra
  8. Favorite toy? - Zebra (toy zebra named Sita)
  9. Favorite TV show?  Berenstein Bears
  10. Favorite book? – Anna and Elsa
  11. Favorite movie? – About the dinosaurs (Land Before Time)
  12. Favorite treat? – chocolate
  13. What do you want to be when you grow up? – big
  14. What makes you happy? - Cora
  15. What makes you sad? – Cora
  16. What do you like to do with your family? – gymnastics
  17. What do you like to learn about? - ABCs
  18. Where do you like to go? – library
  19. What do you think about before sleep? – tired
  20. Who would you like to meet?  Jesus

  21. here's a little survey we're going to make an annual tradition for the birthday girls around our house! it will be fun to see how the answers change through the years. jia is at an age right now where her thoughts absolutely delight me!

    despite being less than a month post partum, we decided to throw a birthday party at our place for jia this year...partly to make her feel special during the adjustment with a new baby, and also because my father in law was coming to visit from india for the first time and it seemed like a great chance to introduce him to the people we're close to!

    for months jia had been asking for a "pink butterfly birthday" so that's what we did! 

    jia was delighted, so i'd say it was a success! she's been such a great big sister so far, i'm glad we took some special time to focus on her. seriously though, this kid is in love with her baby sister. it's amazing that i was so afraid of her feeling displaced! now she says she wants "10 baby sisters!" lol. that baby is her pride and joy! hopefully this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship! ;)

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