My baby girl turned one, and we decided to celebrate with a "bloom & grow" themed birthday party for our little sweetheart! apologies in advance for the massive amount of pics!
My original intention was to keep things really small scale since I went a little overboard on my daughter Jia's first birthday that she found kind of overwhelming.
I simplified by just ordering some jet's pizza (our favorite) and only inviting a few close people, though I did still enjoy the decorating.  I justified making a couple dozen enormous flowers by deciding to decorate the girl's room with them after the party. I also decorated the cakes for the party by myself this time and I was pretty proud of my first attempt!

I was super happy about how my ceramic pottery cupcake stand idea turned out!

We woke her up from a nap when the party started, so she was super snuggly for awhile!

We actually made flower crowns for all the kids out of cheap thrift store bouquets, but they were too busy playing in the water to wear them! Oh well. At least Mira got a few pics in hers. :)

enjoying her pizza.

Cake time!

Now comes the progression of the cake eating...


The aftermath.

Washing off the cake.

She really did the whole party thing like a pro. She loves people so much that she just ate all the attention up. It was so much fun to celebrate her with those closest to us! Here's so many more beautiful years!

happy birthday sweet baby!!
if i could rewind this year and live it over again i would. it has been such a beautiful year with our sweet new member. every moment has been pure joy.
one thing i've learned about mira is that when she decides to do something she just does it. she's on her own timeline. like for months she didn't crawl and wasn't too interested in trying, and then one day she just did it like a pro.
now she hasn't started walking yet or really cruising that much, but she just up and decided to start standing. straight up from sitting! she's such a funny kid.
she still just has 4 teeth, but she can already eat like a pro! she eats as much if not more than her big sister sometimes!
berries and pizza are her favorite foods. but she isn't too picky! she also really loves to eat meat.
i love this kid, and it's been my greatest joy this year watching her grow! we love you mira grace!

A few days late, but I can't believe this kid is 11 months! It's hard to get a pic of her being still these days.

She's not walking, but she's all over the place! She now has 4 teeth and she's using signs a lot to communicate. This pic is quintessentially Mira. She loves to hold something soft in her hand while she sucks her thumb. Lately she also holds her hair at the same time. 

She loves playing with her big sister and the dogs. Lately she only wants to be outdoors and will take off outside any chance she gets! 

I'm not ready for the big one year mark coming up! This is going too fast!

i'm a few days late writing this up, but with easter and both kids getting sick, life has been a little crazy around here. 

baby mira is now 10 months, which is absolutely crazy. now 1 year feels so very close!

she definitely became more mobile in the past month. opening cabinets, pulling up, and army crawling everywhere! as soon as she turned 10 months she started the real crawling too! now she's unstoppable!

with her new found mobility there is a new interest in life and a new resistance for sleep! not sure what to do about that yet. hopefully it's just a phase. ;) it's amazing how much less stressful these things are the second time around though since you know it really will pass.

these days she can pretty much eat as much as her big sister! she loves food, and she's not too picky.
she also loves her doggies. especially zilla since she lets her climb all over her.

seeing a baby grow and their individuality unfold is such an amazing experience! her and her sister look a lot alike, but they have such distinct little personalities. i love them!

baby girl is 9 months of fun, and has been out as long as she was in now!

she still doesn't have a big interest in crawling...she just bounces and scooches on her booty. but that's fine by me. the sitting but not yet mobile stage is my favorite! and she seems to be focusing more of her energy on communicating. :)
she says mama and papa regularly, and tries to mimic a lot of other sounds. she also does 3 or 4 signs and can blow kisses!
she also still has that same easy going temperament. oh, and her favorite food is definitely blueberries!

My big girl is also growing fast! she seems like more and more of a big girl every day.

she loves her school and her friends and she has so many opinions now! she loves all things girlie, pink, purple, and sparkly. she's also imaginative at this age. i love seeing her use her imagination. she has a nonsense phrase she likes to say lately... "meena kompuna." who knows! Oh, and she's a pretty great big sister. I'm super proud of this girl. i'm proud of both of my girls actually. :)

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