Well Jia has officially started preschool!

It's only 2 mornings a week, but it still feels like a big deal! 

When we reserved her spot in the school several months ago, I was a nervous wreck. I was afraid Jia would hate it since she wasn't used to being away from me. 

To get her ready we went her to some summer camps and VBS at the church where her school is, and thankfully she loved it! So we knew preschool wouldn't be an issue.

Her first teacher's name is Mrs. Giard. When I dropped Jia off the first day, she was too engaged to even stop and tell me goodbye! I must admit I was a little sad, but at least glad she was enjoying it so much. I love seeing her little social personality coming out!

Now after a couple weeks she still loves it. The other day she cried because she DIDN'T have preschool that day, and when we left her class the other day she said "Bye school, I love you!"

I'm so thankful we've found a place she loves, and I pray that this will continue to be an amazing experience for her. I can't believe my baby is a preschooler!

baby girl is getting big!

at 3 months old all the rolls are coming in. she's started trying to grab things with her hands, and it takes major effort these days for us to keep her hands out of her mouth. someone wants to be a thumb sucker, so we're still pushing the paci! she's started drooling as well so i'm wondering if these are the early days of teething.

every day though she is more and more of a delight. such a sweet kid! i love her little easy going personality! it's hard to imagine our lives before her. her and her big sister are just obsessed with each other. love my girls!

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