have i mentioned that i live with a telecom engineer?

that sometimes makes life interesting.
in some ways it almost feels like it makes me and my husband as different as being from opposite sides of the world does.
one of us has a masters in theology, the other in telecommunications...we're just wired different.

though usually i genuinely appreciate his engineeriness (new word of the day).
it totally balances me out. i tend toward the creative and abstract (ok, so the non-practical), and he can solve the problems of the world with excel sheets.

he also keeps me up to date with the latest technology, and this week he got me a new phone.

i say he got a phone for me, but if you live with a telecom engineer then you know that any telecommunications device that enters the house goes through an elaborate series of tests and evaluations (aka engineer playtime) before it is fully passed on to the spouse.
so yeah, basically my husband got a new phone this week. haha.

but i must say, i'm really pleased with his choice (which came after months of research of course).

i'm a loyal tmobile gal, and also a mac person, which it turns out don't mix when it comes to the iphone. so i've been waiting for another smart phone that thinks like a normal person and not an engineer. thank you husband.

i love you babe. so you keep picking out the electronics...and i'll keep picking out your clothes.
i think that's only fair. :)


  1. Oh my.... what a funny post but so true! I am just glad I got the mechanical engineer, at least he leaves the telecommunication devices alone. :-)

  2. Oh you are such lucky gal to have someone like that! Where can I find one? So I like the new phone that Samung and Tmoble have out, if we had service up here where I live my family would have them. Don't get my wrong I love my iPhone but something about emobile I just like as well do keep us posted on how the phone works for you.


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