i'm a few days late writing this up, but with easter and both kids getting sick, life has been a little crazy around here. 

baby mira is now 10 months, which is absolutely crazy. now 1 year feels so very close!

she definitely became more mobile in the past month. opening cabinets, pulling up, and army crawling everywhere! as soon as she turned 10 months she started the real crawling too! now she's unstoppable!

with her new found mobility there is a new interest in life and a new resistance for sleep! not sure what to do about that yet. hopefully it's just a phase. ;) it's amazing how much less stressful these things are the second time around though since you know it really will pass.

these days she can pretty much eat as much as her big sister! she loves food, and she's not too picky.
she also loves her doggies. especially zilla since she lets her climb all over her.

seeing a baby grow and their individuality unfold is such an amazing experience! her and her sister look a lot alike, but they have such distinct little personalities. i love them!

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