we have a 3 month old in the house!

some people call the first 3 months after birth the 4th trimester...because the baby does so much developing and growing during those months!

that's definitely true. jia's personality has really blossomed...and she's nearly doubled in weight!

these past few months of getting to know each other have been amazing. she really is a fun and good natured kid. i know better though than to wear her out too much or get her out of sync. she likes to have some routine and balance in her life. we're yet to get on a strict schedule though, but we definitely have a pattern.

she does love people. we may have an entertainer on our hands. when there are people around it's hard to make her focus on anything else...like taking a nap or eating!

and she's a chatter box already! maybe she doesn't know words yet, but that doesn't stop her! when she coos and talks and grins, it just melts my heart!

i'm just loving this little girl more and more every day. what a blessing.

so if you remember, when jia was born we decided we'd wait to find out her gender at the birth.

however, we had a cheating back up plan just in case we couldn't handle the suspense. the ultrasound tech had sealed the gender in an envelope for us...and we had amazing self control! no one peeked in that envelope at all...except for my grandma! ;) but thankfully she was able to keep the secret.

my husband hid the envelope away, but when he did he forgot where he had hidden it himself. so it was just a few weeks ago that we found it again with the jia bootie shot! kind of fun.

i don't have a strong opinion on what anyone else should do...i actually prefer to know what other people are having. haha. but i would totally go the surprise route again for me i think. i know that learning the gender earlier helps people bond with their baby....but in some ways i wonder if knowing the gender might put false ideas in your head about who the little person is you're carrying and what they will look like and their personality will be. it was kind of nice just having no expectations of how things would be, and just getting to know my little munchkin for who she was.

it's still kind of strange though.

i must admit that there's still a bit of a disconnect for me between this...

and this.

sometimes i just think, "who gave us this baby?!" :)

thanks God.

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