before i proceed further, i feel that i should catch you up on the latest edition to our family...

and no, it's not that.

remember that sweet mutsy pup we were looking for a home for back before my blogging lapse? our newest dog, bindi!

she's a 50lb pup now. and we tried to find a home for her...we really did. at least i did.

i was so adamant that we could not have a third dog...i think shomik might have been counting on me being a big softie from the start though.

we actually thought we might have found a home for her with my brother and sister in law. they took her on a trial basis for a week. but during that week i thought my husband was going to die of doggie grief. we'd had her for almost 2 months already at that point...i'll admit it, i missed her too.

so i guess it was fortunate for everyone when my brother decided they weren't ready for a dog yet.
well, fortunate for everyone except maybe our couch...

long story.  the truth is that she's normally a pretty good dog...and i've almost forgiven her. a bug actually flew into the hollow part of that couch, and let's just say she's obsessed with chasing bugs... now we have 3 dogs in our little family.
we're officially outnumbered over here.
but we're a happy hairy family. hehe.


  1. AWW what good looking family! I love the photo! OMG that couch wow I had one time one of our boxers would digg up our couch IDK why but he did something must have been in our as well I'm sure you were upset and mad! What are your dogs? they are so cute

  2. they are a shih tzu/yorkie mix, and lhasa apso, and a total mutt! haha

  3. None the less they are so cute and the new edition is so cute as well.


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