i would have to say that this past month has been marked by teething teething teething!

little miss jia has 6 teeth now, and it looks like a couple more on the way soon! when her first little bottom teeth popped in at around 6 months, it wasn't too bad, so i was hoping we'd get off easy. but unfortunately, eat new round of teeth seems to be progressively more difficult for the munchkin. she's even had the fun of bloody drool. that freaked mama out! i miss my gummy baby, but her new teeth sure look cute!

another land mark of this past month though is more mobility!

jia is all over the place these days! she can crawl with surprising speed, and she likes to show off her skills as a hands-free stander! i fear that within the next month we may have a walker if she gets up enough confidence!

i don't know whether it's the teething, or if it's just a normal phase, but jia has become a bit of a mama's girl lately. she's not going to strangers as easily as she used to, and even friends have to warm her up. though she usually loves attention from others as long as she's in mama's arms!

she understands and can say both mama and papa, and tries to mimic a variety of sounds! mealtime is one of her favorites...we still haven't met a food that she refuses, and she has already tried a huge variety!

she is such a little ray of sunshine. it's hard to imagine that she hasn't always been a part of our lives!

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