so our tree went up this week. some bing crosby got busted out too.

yes, i agree. as much as i adore christmas, it's unseasonably early. i usually like to give thanksgiving its props.
however, this year the holiday season will be total craziness, so we're doing things a bit differently.

close to thanksgiving my mom is getting married, and then shortly after that we're skipping town for a few weeks. it's high time for a diversion...
and it's definitely high time to make another trip to india and see my husband's family.
it's hard to believe it almost been two years already since we last saw them.
i love having a cross cultural marriage. but i must tell you, the only thing that really sucks about it is having family literally on opposite sides of the're always missing someone.

but anyways, it will be close to christmas before we get back in the country, and i need more than just a few days to savor my love affair with christmas i'm starting early. don't judge.

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