i guess it's been a weird week. i should expect that around this time.
this past week marked 2 years since losing my dad.

i've said so much about that loss in the past. yet it feels like there's still so much feeling there, but not much to say. not anything new anyways, or anything that would make things better.

i saw the movie inception this week though. good movie. deals with dreams and reality.

and i know its kind of unrelated, but somehow it made me think of all this. all the pain in life.

the thing that gives me comfort isn't necessarily that there is a reason for the pain. not that it makes you stronger or anything like that.

somehow the thought that comforts me is that it doesn't really matter. because this life is like a dream in the scheme of eternity, and when we awake the pain we felt then seems to fade. like a shadow.

it's like the writing we had inscribed on my dad's gravestone...it's from cs lewis' story 'the last battle'... when upon facing death the characters say 'the dream has ended, and this is the morning.'

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  1. Mandy, My mom passed when I was 18. I like your realistic it-is-what-it-is approach. Nothing truly heals the pain, the place they once were is always there. In many ways they are still with us and in many ways they are not. In the grand scheme of things, joy and sorrow, life still moves along in forward motion for us all.


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