so shomik grew up in what may arguably be the biggest city in the world. his family lives on the 6th floor of a high rise apartment building.

on the other hand, i grew up a small town girl...where my family lived in the country out on a dirt road!

now we live together in a large city. large by US standards anyhow. small by indian standards.

for me it seems pretty lively...there's always something you can find to do, and everything you need is close by. but for someone who grew up in a city with 20+ million, it might feel a little slow. because in the US, and especially in texas, we like things spread out, so there might be less people per square mile in a big texas city than there are in the countryside of india!

but fortunately we've found a place that seems to suit both of us. it's like a little piece of country in the city.

there's a forested park in our neighborhood with a creek that runs through it. it makes me totally forget that i'm anywhere near the city. the longer shomik's been in texas, i think the more he appreciates the more laid back environment of it all too.

so we feel lucky to have found a place that's kind of the best of both worlds. where we can be near everything we need, and also feel like we're far away from it all sometimes!

here's a little video if shomik playing swimming fetch with bindi in our neighborhood...
it's one of their favorite things to do around here!


  1. YAY I love the vid it rocks! I'm not sure if this is double post or not my pc was acting up lastnight so not sure if it posted! Well that is what I loved about living in TX it was small country yet city all in one! Bindi looked like she was having great time playing!

  2. Cuuute vid! And cute story. It's so wonderful when things seem to fall into place harmoniously. I'm glad yall found your niche together.


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