so...i thought i'd try to surprise my husband by mowing the lawn this morning.
it's safe to say that it's a house chore that neither of us love to do...especially in july. this time of year you pretty much have to get at it early morning to endure the heat.

anyways, while i was mowing...surprise! i found a baby bunny in our side yard!

(not actual bunny...i found this one on the internet...but it looked exactly like this!)

it was so cute...i kind of wanted to keep it in our backyard as a pet.
but then it bounced away, and i figured it would be better off with it's rabbit family anyhow.

i'm just a sucker baby mammals.

the more i thought about it though, the more i liked the idea of sweet little bunnies bouncing around our backyard...
so i later googled 'rabbits in the yard'...just for future reference.

surprisingly, all the sites that came up were about killing the pesky rabbits that get in your yard!
ok, that's soooo not what i was looking for. who could hurt that fuzzy baby?
me and shomik are such softies. much for the bunny...and so much for mowing. the mower konked out on me half way and i had to leave the lawn with a mowhawk.

oh's the thought that counts, right?


  1. Why do you not really go green on your backyard? Just get some wild flower seeds from Lowes or Home Depot and than just let it grow and grow.... Than you can get yourself some sheep or perhaps a cute little goat and use their milk and wool and ......
    than you have really gone nutty green! :-)
    Love that Mohawk! :-)

  2. hahaha. wow, if i lived in the country i would sooo get a goat! yup...i think our lawn might be sporting that new style for a few days now! haha.

  3. It's the though that counts is right. I remember when I lived in Tx if you didn't get the yard work done early in the morning in the summer or early to mid evening you will not get it done at all. I don't know who would want to hurt anamils as well


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