next month we'll have been in our house for 2 years. it's hard to believe!

i love being a home owner. it's so fun to put our stamp on things.
and one area i've really been wanting to do something with is the curb appeal.

our house was just painted by the previous owners before we moved in. well, most of the exterior is brick, so i'm really just talking about the trims and shutters.

i don't hate the colors. but i'm definitely not in love them either. it's just a little blah. but it's still in pretty good shape, so we're just trying to work with what we've got.

however, our doors have seen a big more wear and tear...not to mention a bit of the old green door color peeking out where we changed the locks. it's enough to justify a new paint job.

now i have always been a fan of bright red front doors. they're just so welcoming, and they give a house an extra punch of character...
but our shutters are sort of between a burgundy and a russet i'm not really sure if i'd like the look of it next to a red door.

so i had the crazy idea...
what about painting the door orange?

ok, it sounds kind of crazy and scary when i say it like that, but i can imagine it in my head without it being so scary.
i'm not talking about a bright orange. more of an earthy rusty sort of orange.

after all, i have that color combo all over my house...burgundys and oranges. inside at least it works.

and can't you just imagine how cool the inside of the door might be if it was an earthy orange and tied in with all the decor? :)

but when i googled images of orange front doors online, most of the ones that came up were on houses that were painted gray...and that were an informal style.

i've been told that if your house is symmetrical, then you have to plan your curb appeal more formally. is our house too formal for orange?

or is it something just crazy enough to be awesome??!

so i need your advice!
sometimes i have these great house ideas that just don't seem quite so great after they soak in a bit...
or it could be just the thing to give our house the extra bit of character it needs...which would be a good step in the right direction as far as curb appeal goes!

now, the landscaping is a whole other issue! :)


  1. Orange is my favorite color so I say go for it! It will make you smile every time you come home, and your friends and family will never have trouble finding your house. Heck, just paint the whole house orange!! ;)

  2. If you want to do a more burnt orange you could be a Longhorn fan! :-) I like orange, you know I had my kitchen in tangerine.
    Get some samples of different oranges and put it on.... should make it easier to make a choice...


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