ok, so it's safe to say i've been in my fair share of weddings.

i'm up again to be a bridesmaid this fall...
for my mother.

that's one i never saw coming.

so she's letting us pick our own bridesmaids dresses, but they have to be in a specific matching color...

and she's already changed that color. twice.

fortunately, since i have a billion dresses, i've been able to exactly match her color with existing bridesmaids dresses from my closet. twice.

yes, you never know when those dresses might come in handy again i suppose.

maybe it's high time i make a lil' trip to a consignment shop...
or open a consignment shop!

sad but true.


  1. Open one I say! :-) Great way in getting to know people! :-) By the way when are you doing your International Ministry collection day again? I have a big Oak bookcase to give away if there is interest!


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