so we knew today would end up with just one person in our household happy.
shomik was rooting for spain...and i was rooting for the netherlands.

shomik and i have a lot of international friends...and we love it that way.
needless to say, the soccer world cup...although not a big deal in most of the USA...was definitely a big deal in our house. and though neither of us are huge sports fans normally...we both love watching these games.

so today for the final match between spain and the netherlands, we had some of our friends over to watch, and to eat lots of yummy food. we had a world cup-world potluck.

i think we counted food from like 8 different countries...and believe me, we stuffed ourselves!

hamideh was one of my few allies with the dutch!

it was a long and tough match...

while the players were busy beating each other up and not scoring, we had a birthday party...

...and tried to stay awake....until the first and last score was made in the final minutes of overtime!

but in the end, it was spain that emerged victorious.
so shomik and bindi were happy.

ok, well at least shomik was happy...not so sure about bindi here...maybe she was siding with me!

sorry orange team! so sad.
ok, well maybe not that sad. i was only rooting for netherlands cuz the other teams i wanted got out already. so...i was really only sad for the fun of the world cup to be over.
but who really can be sad after having such awesome food with great friends!

see you in four years! brazil 2014!


  1. It was awesome getting together having fun and watching the final game while rooting for different teams! The most beautiful part was being together, eating different food. Thanks to Mandy and Shomik having us in their friendly environment. It is always fun to hang out with you even though Netherlands lost!
    Love you

  2. Looks like you all that great time and fun birthday it's all good no matter who won or lost!! Oh I must say This is one of the photos where you husband has smile!!! I don't think Bindi was happy I think she was sidding with you. All that food dose look good.


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