being married to an indian means we tend to cook indian food...a lot!

i have no problem with that...because first of all, there are a lot more healthy indian options compared to american food. also, it's cheaper and easier to make once you get adjusted to using the new spices. and last...but not husband happens to be a great cook!

not to down play my progress and accomplishments in indian cooking over these past few years...i think i can hold my own...especially for a 'gori'. (that means white girl in case you wondered)
but there's nothing like a man who cooks.

here he is with ghee. a key ingredient for getting a lot of indian foods just right. it's basically just indian butter. hehe. whenever there is a picture being taken, shomik only makes a really serious face or a super goofy one...there's no happy mediums with him...but anyways...

the other night he made one of my favorites because i special requested it.

it's called posto wada.

even a lot of people from india won't know this dish because it's pretty specific to west bengal.

basically you take poppy seeds and blend them with salt and chilies, and then lightly fry it in mustard oil.
so it's pretty much an opium patty if you think about it. (maybe that's why it's so addictive)

i know it sounds weird...but trust me, it's really yum!

here it is shown with spinach and dal. the posto is the lumpy tan substance on the left.

i don't know if there are any restaurants that even sell this stuff, but if you happen to find one, then trust me, you need to try it! otherwise you might just need to make some bengali friends.
just take my word for it.


  1. i'm making alu posto tonight... posto is sooo expensive here i have to cut it with something :P

  2. Oh my, I have to try this one. Did you ever try the poppy cake we have in germany? Hmmmm my favorite! Gets me in my happy place! :-) I will have to try this one, definitely.
    You should start your own recipe blog and post the recipe! Its fun!!! :-)

  3. I don't think it's weird food I love Indian food in fact I'm try to learn how to cook it and learn Hindi


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