so when we get any free time around here, it's a regular occurance in our family to head over to the dog park.

yes, our dogs do enjoy these little outings, but i think there's someone who enjoys them even more...
my husband.

shomik doesn't really have addictions...he he's not even hooked on caffeine like most of us...
but the dog park is his guilty pleasure.

check it out...he even has a doggie treat fanny pack!

but i understand why he loves it...not only do our dogs get to have fun...but shomik gets to play with dogs of all shapes and sizes.
if he's had a tough day at work, nothing helps him unwind more.

bindi enjoys playing like a normal's fun to watch her running around. and i'm always happy for her to get the chance to expend some of that energy.

however, numa and mowgli are more of, um, people dogs i guess. they enjoy going to hang out with the humans. they're not quite as athletic.

hmmm...mowgli looks a little intimidated in this pic. haha.

so anyways, that's just one little thing we enjoy doing around here sometimes.
i promise i won't blog about our dogs again for at least a little while though. haha.

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