wow, it's been awhile.

for a few months there i completely forgot about this place...hopefully i can get myself back on track.

the truth is i love blogging. really i just love to write.
not in an MLA/turabian sort of way...
but i just like to have an outlet.

sometimes i think i process life better on paper.
ok, so maybe not actual paper these days...but you know what i mean.

too much has happened in the past few months to really catch up i'm just going to jump back in i think like i never left off.

but life is good.
weird...but good. more on that later probably.

my sweet husband has been having to travel a lot for work these days.
we both hate it. but i'm waiting now for him to be home very soon. i miss that boy.

i keep hearing this song this week and it's one of my favs...
anyways, it makes me think of my baby when he's gone, so i shall leave you with this while i go make some cookies and get ready to shower my hubby with kisses...

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