i'm sad to say that yesterday i lost my favorite dog ever.

mowgli was diagnosed with congestive heart failure this past summer, so we knew we wouldn't have tons of time left with him, though we were certainly hoping for more than we got. getting pneumonia last month really threw his body off kilter some more though. the past few weeks he had been having fainting episodes usually 2-4 times a day because his heart just couldn't pump well enough. we'd been working with the vet to try and figure out a way to get his heart working properly again on medication, but then yesterday he had a fainting spell that he just didn't wake up from. the vet said it was probably a heart attack. have i ever mentioned how much i hate heart attacks?

anyways, he will be very missed. there were so many quirky things i loved about that dog.

i rescued him about 6.5 years ago...before my husband and i even got married. he had been living out underneath someone's house, and he looked pretty scary. there was no way to really know for sure how old he was...but he couldn't have been younger than 5 when i got him.

at first i didn't even know if i wanted to keep him! i got him as a companion for my other little dog, numa. but when i got him he was so awkward and strange that i didn't quite know what to do with him!

he had to be house broken, he didn't know what treats and toys were, he was very socially awkward,  he had strange obsessions, and i had to teach him how to use stairs so that he could even get up to the 3rd floor apartment i was living in at the time.

over time though he turned into the most loving dog i ever had. his awkwardness turned into an adorable quirkiness. his personality was almost human. his quirkiness earned him lots of nicknames: slomo, mogi bear, momo, moga singh, etc...

he was perfectly fat and oh so soft. he was like a stuffed toy to sleep with, and he didn't move all night. he had this adorable crooked under bite that made his tongue stick out when he would sleep. he would do a little dance and bow down to greet  you whenever you came home. he always thought that he was big and tough, and didn't know that he was actually small...though he was maybe the best guard dog out of all of ours.  once he learned what toys were, he had an obsession and would squeak them all the time. one of my favorite things was to watch him at christmas and birthdays, because he loved to open gifts! especially gift bags. it made him so excited, and he'd walk around with a gift bag on his head. people may not believe me, but he actually liked wearing clothes. i think it made him feel super cute...which he was. and despite being an inside dog, he loved the outdoors, and especially camping. he was such a little trooper.

there are so many little things i miss about him already. it's hard to imagine our home without him.

i'm so thankful that we got to rescue him though and spend these years with him. we were very happy together, and he always had that gratefulness about him.

love you momo!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of little Mowgli. It's so very hard losing a family member. Please take care and know that he's still with you in spirit and will be waiting for you over the rainbow bridge.

  2. I'm sorry Mandy. Losing a dog is so hard and so sad. :( I remember when you got Mowgli...well, I remember reading about when you got him. We lost our first dog several years ago. That was sad too, I remember feeling so distraught over losing her. She liked to wear clothes too. She was a fun dog. Reading about this reminds me of her. I'm glad that you had the opportunity to have him in your life for this long. And BTW, I'm sure your year will get better, since you have a little one coming soon. :)


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