ok, so i just thought i'd give a little update of all the weird things happening in my body right now...for posterity. :)

no, but seriously, pregnancy is an interesting time that i want to remember.

i will give you fair warning now though...this post will likely contain TMI. just keeping it real folks.

i'm around 26 weeks just now...so about to close out the second trimester.

so at this point on the baby front, everything is measuring at just about the right size and everything seems pretty much how it's expected to be at this point. the kiddo is around 2lbs and 14 inches long. the baby is moving around like crazy these days. besides the kicks and squirms, i'm feeling the occasional hiccups now as well.

some people say that their babies are more active after they have a meal or sugar or something...but i would say that my baby is the opposite. if i'm hungry the baby squirms around like crazy, but once i eat i'm pretty sure the baby is taking a nap. this leads me to think that this kid might have already inherited the "hangry" trait from my side of the family. (you know...when you get so hungry it makes you angry. hehe.)

when it comes to my body things are definitely getting interesting. i've gained about 16lbs at this point...which is absolutely frightening...but supposedly right about normal. they say healthy weight gain is between 25-35lbs, so hopefully i'll be able to keep it in that ballpark.

i can still wear my wedding ring...barely! it's been getting warm really early this year, so as soon as the warm days hit, i've noticed my rings and shoes starting to feel tighter. it seems to only get bad at this point though if i'm just really hot, or if it's late and i've been on my feet all day.

no stretch marks as of yet. i know that doesn't mean i'm out of the woods or anything though. but my belly is really getting out there. i get lots of comments from strangers asking when i'm due now. and i definitely can't turn sideways to squeeze through small spaces anymore, and i've started having to wear a belly support belt. (which is awesome by the way!) no outie belly button yet either...though my belly button is definitely looking a little warped. oh, and my boobs are looking like a US road map. the veins and arteries are really visible...i guess they're just getting things ready for production!

i've had a couple nosebleeds...which hadn't happened to me since i was about 8 years old.  but that honestly hasn't been a surprise since 90% of the time when i blow my nose these days it's blood tinged. and i'm blowing my nose a lot...especially in the evenings and in the morning i seem to be stuffy. i've heard that's all fine and normal too though.

sleep at night has been interesting. i guess God is preparing me to be woken up frequently by making me have to get up to pee a lot. also the occasional charlie horse will wake me up. and lately i've found my arms falling asleep a lot and waking me up. i hope that part is normal!

i really haven't noticed any weird cravings. my husband has been lucky.
also the mood swings so far haven't been as bad as i would have expected. i mean, i'm not saying i haven't had any, but over all i've felt pretty emotionally stable...which is always a good thing. :)

that's all i can think of at the moment, so that sums up my state of the pregnancy address for the second trimester. hopefully the third trimester will be as kind as this one as been...and not like the first one was! :P i'm getting excited to meet our little one...and it feels like it's coming fast now...and we still have lots to do!

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