ok, so i dunno what's going on, but for the past 3 weeks it's been like doggie plague at our house.
the pups are dropping like flies over here!

mowgli has been hit the hardest. the poor ol' man has more issues than lindsay lohan.

he thankfully just pulled through some nasty pneumonia, though he did have a close brush with death.

he's definitely all perked up now though after a few days on IV, and having to take about 10 pills a day!

yesterday morning though we woke up to find him covered in blood. randomly. that's always scary.

i was already half way thinking of going to the vet (even though i've spent waaay too much time there lately!) for bindi anyways, because she had a really nasty hacking cough. so i just loaded those two kids up and headed over to our home away from home. :P

it turns out that this time mowgli basically had a giant exploding zit. sorry if that's tmi, but it was a huge sebaceous gland that ruptured and spewed every where. the vet said he would normally just remove it so that it won't give anymore problems, but since our little guy is also a heart patient he didn't want to give him any unnecessary surgery...even if it's minor. so we just added yet another pill to mowgli's diet. and he's none too thrilled about it.

bindi...our super tough dog...it turns out has a bad case of seasonal allergies. it's spring time!! so she's on steroids and antihistamines.

thankfully the vet waived our office visit fees this time and just charged us $6.50 for all the meds. i guess that's one of perks of being a frequent client. :P hopefully our next visit there won't be for a long while though!

ps- for anyone wondering, numa is thankfully still plague free...though she's super jealous that everyone else keeps getting "medicine"...at least she thinks she is!

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