ok, so my husband and i decided to embrace mystery, and not learn the gender of our baby until the birth.

actually, for about the past 12 weeks, we've even had a sealed envelope with genitals pic, and a note from the ultrasound tech for us to peak at if the suspense became too much...but so far we've managed a significant amount of self control!

at first i didn't know if i wanted to find out or not, but once i fully made up my mind it's been much easier. and it's fun...because i love surprises.

i've never been one to peek at christmas gifts, or try and pry secrets out of people. i like happy suspense.

however, our gender decision has not been as popular with everyone else! a lot of the family has asked for sneak peeks into that envelope! haha.

people also ask how we're going to buy stuff and plan a nursery without knowing the gender. well, the truth is that i figure planning gender neutral is the best investment long term anyhow. if we have future children, then they'll be set. also, how many fancy outfits does a newborn need anyhow? especially one born during the texas summer time?

a fun perk about not finding out our baby's gender has been all the guessing!!

since i work with people from a lot of different countries and cultures, it's been fun to hear all the wives tales around the world for determining your baby's gender!

here are a few i've heard so far...

if the heart rate is high, it's a girl, if it's lower, it's a boy. (our kiddo's was 152 yesterday...any guesses?)

if your belly is pointed, it's a boy, if it's round, it's a girl.

if you carry low, it's a boy, if high, it's a girl.

if you get bad morning sickness, it's a girl, if not, it's a boy.

if you break out, it's a girl, if your skin gets clear, it's a boy.

if your whole body blows up, it's a girl, if just your belly gets big, it's a boy.

if you crave sweet things, it's a girl, if sour things, it's a boy.

if you get a dark line down your belly, it's a boy, if not, it's a girl.

on that last one, i actually had a lady come up to me and peek under my shirt to see if there was a line when i told her i didn't know the gender! haha. (note: she thought it was a girl!)

over all though, most people have been guessing for a boy, so we'll see what happens! we'll definitely be thrilled either way!

just for fun, i've throwing in some belly pics my friend did for us! (at about 32 weeks) so take a guess and let us know what you think baby p is going to be! :)


  1. Haha! Nice article!

    The "Theories" on how to determine the gender of a child is indeed amusing.. and I guess you would get many more as you go along.
    But I guess it is indeed a fun as well as a brave thing to wait until the child is born.

    God Bless!

  2. I love this Mandi... I did not find out with Shelby, and it was SO exciting..

    Your pictures are great and wonderful memories you have made.

    My guess is "Girl" but let me just say, boys are wonderful too!

    I'm so excited for you guys.. God Bless!

  3. I'm going for a girl, but that's just because I have 3 and would like everyone to join in on the "girl" fun!! :))

  4. I think you guys are going to have a boy, but I don't know why. I've heard those silly ways to tell the gender, but for several of those, I was told the opposite of what you've been told. I think there really isn't much truth to them. I think it's all dependent on the baby and the mother's genetics. :)

  5. all of those tricks proved true for me and I had a boy and girl (except the line thing, not sure if I had them for either)...but yes, the other theories would have been correct for me

  6. I did have horrible morning sickness and I had a girl.


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