i think ikea must dabble in some kind of black magic...
or else they're just really great at marketing. :P
you might go in there for just one small thing, but they'll make you look at every single thing they sell to get to that one thing...which for me means trouble.

whenever i go there i feel like a rat in a maze.
seriously though, the first time i ever went, i felt a small sense of panic.
i didn't know how to get out!
what if there was a fire or something?

i guess i'm getting the feel of the maze a bit more now though.
rats can learn.

so yesterday i went there with some international students.
if anyone reads this who doesn't know me in real life, i have a lot of international friends.
i'm married to an international person, and i work with international students.
so each semester when new students come to the university, we take them to ikea to help them find furnishings on the cheap.

so yesterday i went to ikea not for myself...but for the sake of others. :)
but of course i ended up leaving with something for myself...thanks to the ikea devilry.

the world map pillow came home with me yesterday.

this pillow has been trying to break me down for awhile...ever since i saw it in the ikea catalog a couple years ago.

yesterday i finally lost my resistance and gave in to the trickery.
$14.99 is more than i pay for most pillows... (i like shopping for that kind of stuff in india or super clearance.)

but hey, not only is it a world map pillow...but there's a big X on india! my husband's native home!
and i know just enough hindi to know that it was made by a girl named rina! (signed in the bottom left.)

i think i'm still bewitched!
...but isn't it too cute??


  1. Hi Mandy!
    What an interesting blog! I was trying to connect with you - care to mail me at sharonATgmailDOTcom ?

    I have something to ask you.:)


  2. thanks sharon!
    i tried to send you an email, but it bounced back... you can send me a mail if you want at


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