as a kid i remember the huge grandfather clock in our house dinging on the hour.
it's almost like a background character in my childhood.

my grandfather had given it to my grandmother as a anniversary gift...and then my grandmother had given it to my dad.

well, a couple weeks ago this long time family member came to live in our house!

a grandfather clock may not be something that would be my typical style, but i knew that i wanted it to live with us, so i just hoped it would get along with the other things in our house!

anyways, i think the adjustment is actually going pretty well.
we put it in our dining room/den. play nice...

pardon the truly horrific phone pics.
using our real camera means having to sort through all of our ireland and india trip photos...the thought of which overwhelms me at the moment.

but anyways, it's nice to see my old friend here now. i still need to figure out how to hang the weights and all back inside now. i bet my ol' friend google can teach me.

do you have any things around your house to remind you of your childhood home?

ps- i love how any picture taken in our house is sure to have at least one dog sneak into it! can you find the dogs in the pics?

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