the icepocalyse has hit texas, so i'm taking the opportunity of being house bound to think about a few things that i don't normally get time for.

one of my goals for this year was to start shopping with coupons.

i've been meaning to do it for a long time actually...but i never wanted to be one of those people.

you know who i'm talking about. they take 2 hours to check out because they bring a whole file folder of coupons to the grocery store...and then they pay with a check. old school.
they're a dying breed, but somehow they always end up in front of me in the grocery store line.

but since nothing thrills me like saving moolah, i had decided to try out this lifestyle despite the social stigma.

so today i was checking out the coupon policy for my local grocery store online, when i saw this!

maybe i am just totally out of the loop. very likely.  but i had never heard about this kind of coupon technology!

at grocers with reward cards, you can actually add the coupons to your reward card online before you shop so that you don't have to be a clipper! (or a line holder upper)

then the savings automatically applies to the couponed item you buy!

it's a new age of couponing people. i'm excited.
i may not be a clipper...but now i'm a clicker! :)
who knew.

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  1. Kroger has something similar too. I haven't tried it yet...


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