it is done.
i'm officially a thirtysomething, so watch out.

i guess the weird thing for turning thirty for me isn't so much that i feel different...but somehow i feel like it changes people's perceptions and expectations of me...should i be more responsible now?
is the bio clock ticking or what?

then again, maybe not...maybe it's all in my head.

but despite the weirdness factor, i did have a marvelous birthday week.

i was able to see my family, and take my dad's books from my parent's old house...he had like a gazillion amazing books. it meant a lot to me to get them, because i super miss my dad.
but sadly i had no place to keep them.

soooo...for my 30th bday my husband got me a library!
ok, so really it was some billy bookcases from ikea, but they made our office feel just like a library, and made me oh so happy! i feel like i'm being hugged by my dad's books!

i'm in love!
...with my husband i mean. ;)

 and the week was nicely topped off with a bollywood style birthday, which for me just means lots of crazy bollywood dancing. that stuff is seriously the best stress relief ever.
nothing like that to take the years amazing friends and food.

so thanks for the bday love everyone...
and please tell me i have a baby face. :)

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  1. Veteran Bollywood actor Vinod Khanna passed due to cancer in Mumbai this morning.


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