wow, i'm behind! or maybe i've just been in denial about christmas being over. :(

anyways, this year was of course our first christmas with a little one, and that was pure joy! jia is in this phase where she's obsessed with tearing paper too, so that worked out well.

in my whole 30+ years of christmases in texas, i had only experienced one white christmas before this year...and that was just a couple years ago. so my little munchkin was lucky enough to have the once in a blue moon texas white christmas on her first one! (too bad she won't remember it!)

she's a cold weather girl like her mama, so jia loved the snow!

anyways, christmas was adorable. i'm looking forward to starting new traditions with her over the next several years.

a couple days after christmas, jia experienced her first conference...which was an awesome one! but one thing i learned is that conference schedules don't always work with baby schedules! thankfully jia was still pretty off schedule from our trip to india anyhow! :P

in other news, over the past 3 weeks jia has cut 2 teeth, and had 2 colds! we've been passing one back and forth between each other. :( poor baby. it's a snot fest.

someday i will sleep again. some day.
in the mean time, i'm lovin' my baby snuggles.


  1. your baby is very cute and looks totally indian! can't even tell that she's mixed. And your husband doesn't seem to be that dark either, funny how genes work out. I hope he is not too disappointed. Most brown men marry white women so they can have light coloured children.

    1. Anonymous, just wondering where you're getting your statistics on "most brown men" from? Seems pretty ignorant to me!

  2. No actually its true Marissa. Have you ever spoken to any of these men? I know a LOT of them, and they all seem to have the same complex. Once they marry a white women and have white children, they start thinking they are better than the rest of the brown society, and believe they have hit the true jackpot. Its quite pathetic actually


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