so last night i finally finished up jia's crib wall.

while i was prego, i was inspired by this image on pinterest.

they just took doiles and cupcake wrappers, and made a cute organic 3D wall feature!

so i just went and started throwing some up on the nursery wall when i suddenly had my doubts...

we didn't know if we were having a boy or girl...and even though i nixed the doilies and was only using the cupcake wrappers, it was reading pretty girly to me. maybe a boy wouldn't appreciate it.

plus the whole shebang is held up by thumb tacks. and i had my reservations about combining thumb tacks with a baby's room.

but alas, june came around, and we were blessed with a baby girl!

then last night in a sudden spurt of inspiration, i decided to just go for it and finish what i started. as far as the tacks go, i figure that by the time she's pulling up and could possibly get anywhere near reaching any of them, her mattress will be dropped down and put them way out of grasp. most of them are really very high up. plus they would definitely be a challenge to get out of the wall. my sore thumb can testify. my thumb hurt, and i ran out of yellow tacks, so my interpretation is more spaced out and floaty than the original, but i still like it.

ta daaaa!

i think jia likes it too...and that's what really matters! it gives her something fun and textural to check out.

any it's always nice to create something so impactful in a room for a total cost of about $3, and a 15 min time commitment! can't complain about instant gratification!

by the way, all those pillows aren't in the bed if it's being slept in...but they're nice for playing babies to tend to bonk their heads! :P

we still need to put up her book ledge and her wall hooks, but this room is almost done! but since it took this long just to do a 15 min fix, i'm just hoping we'll finish the rest by her first birthday!

ps- forgive the bad pics. it's dark and rainy today, so there wasn't much natural light, and i was too lazy to get out the real camera. :P


  1. I just love the wall are for the baby's room it's great! It almost looks like you could do that in any room for some decor! I can just tell that she loves it! I can't get over it cost all of $3.00 and 15 minutes that is great all the way around! I also love the thing I CAN'T remember the name of it hanging above the babies bed! She's one happy baby with all of it and no worries you will get her room done little bit each day or weekend it will get their.


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