one home related improvement i've decided to tackle in 2013 is to finally do something about all the shiny brassy hardware in our house. it's definitely not my favorite look.

all of our door knobs look kind of like they stepped right out of 1993.

however, i'm too cheap to buy new hardware...and i kind of hate replacing something unless it's worn out anyhow.

but changing the finish on all our knobs is going to be a lot of work...that's why i've just been staring at them for almost 4 years now.

these days i've been hearing about brass making a comeback though...which makes me a little nervous. i'm hoping it's not the case...but if it is then i'd like to know for sure before i expose myself to hours of work and chemical fumes! :P

right now the options i have in my mind are to spray the hardware all oil rubbed bronze like this:

most of our light fixtures in the house are oil rubbed bronze.

or the other idea i'm playing around with is trying to remove the lacquer from the brass to get an aged brass look like this:

what would you do?
has anyone successfully attempted any of these things?
has anyone else heard rumors of brass making a big comeback?
if you wait too long to update something, is it better to just wait until it comes back in style? ;)

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