i can't believe someone just reached their half birthday!

we're home from india, and little miss jia is now 6 months old!

what amazing changes she's made over the past few weeks!

we were glad we came back from india when we did...jia has been becoming so interactive and alert that she would have been more and more difficult to keep happy on the plane! thankfully we took the trip at probably the perfect age for her, and she did amazingly!

these days she's into grabbing everything though...on purpose! before she would just kind of grapple in a general direction...but now her movements are becoming so precise and calculated!

she can also sit up on her own with out support now...but just for like a minute at a time before she gets tired and topples over. she hasn't caught onto crawling yet, but she's learned to skooch herself around on her belly for short distances! i'm not ready for all of this!

i think she's been ready for solids for awhile, so we finally let her try a couple things like sweet potato and bananas...and she loved it! she cries when we try to take food away from her!

a couple days before she turned 6 months she cut her first tooth! then on the morning of her 6 month bday she woke up with her first cold! poor baby. she's been such a trooper this week though...between teething, jet lag, a cold, and vaccinations, she's been surprisingly cheery!

her doctor says she's just perfect and extra alert for her age! she's still in the 90th percentile for weight at 18lbs 14oz, and she's at the 75th percentile for height at 26.5 inches!

she's very vocal these days as well, and is quite social...as long as she's in mama's arms! she loves people, but isn't as into being passed around anymore.

christmas is going to be so much fun with the munchkin this year...especially since her new found love is tearing paper! haha. the gift wrapping will be the main attraction!

time is just flying too fast!! do i already need to start thinking about a 1st birthday party?! ahh! crazy!

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