i'm writing now from goa. possibly my new favorite indian destination.

not to offend my husband, or any of the mumbaikers who are dear to my heart, but mumbai isn't necessarily my cup of tea. it's a little too crazy for this country girl.

but drinking masala chai as i watch waves crashing on the arabian sea?
that i can handle.

and being able to breathe in fresh air that doesn't turn your boogies black is a bonus.
even the street dogs are happier here.

we're in morjim, which is a somewhat secluded beach along the northern coast of goa. i wasn't really sure what to expect since i'd never been to goa before, and we booked things last minute online. thankfully it has not disappointed.

the resort is nothing fancy, but the people are incredibly friendly, and it's right on the water. plus we have a 2 bed/2 bath cottage at the sea for just about the equivalent of $30 a night. breakfast included.

you really can't beat that for a vacation. it's been nice relaxing here with my inlaws.

we have one more day here, and i'm not ready to leave.
partly just because of the awesomeness that is goa...and also in part due to the nauseating drive back that awaits us...someone should have warned me! it was a vomit comet of a 16 hour drive! if we ever come to goa from mumbai again, then we'll definitely be flying! sure, you miss the beautiful mountain views, but it's hard to enjoy them under the circumstance anyways. ;)

oh, and can i just say that jia is being such a trooper?

yes of course there have been baby meltdowns...but over all i've been so proud of the munchkin! and this little girl who loves the outdoors is definitely enjoying the sea!

today she started scooting...the predecessor to crawling. she somehow crossed the floor and turned herself 180 degrees....i'm not ready for this!

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  1. Wonderful picture! Hope we can get to Goa some time.


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