so life's been a bit crazy lately. i say that as i write this post from india.

we're here right now visiting shomik's family. they weren't able to get visas to come and meet jia, so we've made our way over to them. it's been quite a crazy time leading up to getting here though!

my husband had to have an emergency surgery just a few days before we were supposed to leave, but thankfully it all went better than expected and we were still able to make it...especially since our tickets weren't refundable! we weren't sure what was going to happen for a few days there though.

this is my 4th trip to india, but my first trip with a baby in tow, so i'm not going to lie... i've been a bit nervous about this one!

so far jia has been pretty great though. but having a baby along for the trip definitely changed the whole experience. i wonder if this is how shomik felt the first time he had to come to india with me in tow?

i was a bit nervous about 24 hours of air travel...because seriously, even the adults feel like crying by the end of that flight! but jia did amazingly well. i'm not going to say that there wasn't crying, but it definitely wasn't excessive. she actually seemed to enjoy the take off and landing, which were the parts people had warned me about. it was more the boring bits in between that bothered her.

we arrived in india during the middle of full out diwali. it's been cool to see things at such a festive time, though it's definitely limited our ability to go out as much. we're afraid of jia getting traumatized by the fire crackers going off everywhere.

so we're spending the first few days getting rested up, and we're actually in a hotel for a couple days until a construction project gets cleared up at shomik's house. with the munchkin, and a husband recovering from surgery, i think we needed the extra rest.

normally we would push through the jet lag to adjust to the time more quickly...but with a baby we're taking it a bit more easy and adjusting more gradually since she doesn't understand the concept of jet leg. :P taking an infant across 12 time zones sounds like a great idea, right? haha.

so far my experience though is that i still get stared at a lot as usual on my trips here...but now with the stares i might also get a smile since i'm toting a cute little tot...bonus! :) i'm also finding that people here love to pinch baby cheeks...and i can't deny that jia's cheeks are extra pinch-able.  this girl is gonna need cheek protection! haha.

i'm proud of how she's been such a trooper so far though...she really handled the journey better than i could have expected.

keep us in your prayers though, and i'll try to keep our experiences posted here! :)

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  1. Hi Mandy,

    Please take care of Jia and Shomik. Hope Shomik-Da is doing better now. About pinching the cheeks, that's the first thing I am going to do when I see her:-). Her cheeks really are so pinch-able. :-). God bless you all.



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