jia just turned 5 months old...in india!

so she's already quite the world traveler for her age.

this month she's just been continuing to be adorably interactive.

she's very close to sitting up on her own, and she eyeballs everything we eat very closely!

she usually wakes up in the morning singing, which is pretty adorable.

she also loves the doggies now. she finds bindi especially to be hysterical.

oh, and the girl can't seem to help but to put everything in her mouth!

her and i have both started to lose a lot of hair this month! her newborn hair is wearing off in her sleep pattern of how she rubs her head! it looks though like the new hair growing in might end up being lighter in color than the dark brown hair she was born with.

i love this little one, and i can't believe how fast time is flying with her!

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