a couple weeks ago my hubby and celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary!

whenever we first got married, 5 years sounded far away. so we said that when we hit 5 years we should go on a Mediterranean cruise!

well, seeing how i'm 8 months pregnant, that goal wasn't physically or financially possible. but we still thought we should get away for a few days...even just to somewhere close by for a romantic getaway/babymoon.

we had some marriott points stashed from when shomik was having to travel for work a lot, so we decided to see where within driving distance we could cash those in!

we ended up at horseshoe bay resort, which is out in the hill country of texas near marble falls and fredericksburg on lake LBJ.

thanks to leap years, our anniversary landed on a saturday this year, and apparently april 21 is a popular day to get married, because there were like 3 weddings happening at our hotel that weekend.

so as a result, they moved us outside of the main tower, to their vacation condominiums. which was actually kind of nice since we ended up with basically a whole 2 bedroom condo for the weekend.

so we spent the weekend floating in swimming pools, exploring little german towns, and checking out some other fun stuff in the area.

we didn't realize we were going to be there during fredericksburg trade days...which is basically a huge flea market that happens once a month. i wasn't sure how excited my husband would get about going to a flea market, but i convinced him to take me. it was hilarious to see how much fun he had! he'd never been to one before, but he got all wrapped up in the bartering. maybe it made him feel like he was home in india.

there also happened to be a flower festival that weekend, so it was like everything worked out perfectly just for us.

we definitely needed a chance to get away and relax before the arrival of this bambino, so i'm really thankful that everything worked out for us to go!

well, here's to many more years! i can honestly say that we've already shared the hardest and happiest times of our lives together. life has definitely thrown some challenges, blessings, and heart aches our way during these years, but i can honestly say now that there is no one else i would have ever wanted by my side through it all! i'm so blessed to have found the one that my soul loves! :)

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  1. So glad you got to get away! Sounds like it was a perfect weekend :) You deserve some R & R before the baby comes because after that there won't be much time for it for a long time to come.


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