having a baby on the way has inspired a whole lot of home projects...not all even baby related. it's definitely put a fire under us though...i guess we figure if we don't get a lot done now, then when will we get a chance to do it?

i'm proud of my hubby. he's really stepped up to the plate and been super handy. in my large pregnant state i feel kind of bad sometimes these days since i'm limited in what i can accomplish on my own...i know it's putting a lot of pressure on him. but he's being a trooper.

plus, guys i gotta tell you...being handy is sexy!

check out the garage shelving my husband built!

our garage was getting overwhelmed with clutter, and there was no method of organization. with baby stuff like strollers and car seats, and all that fun baby stuff starting to accumulate, we definitely felt the need to get a system set up.

as a gift for our anniversary, my husband got me a bench tree swing that i've been wanting for awhile, so we got that all set up too. i can just imagine sitting there under the tree swinging eventually with the baby!

oh, and did u happen to notice any of my landscaping efforts there in the corner? i haven't been able to doing quite as much gardening this year, but a couple months ago we decided to extend our garden around the corner of the house. we planted a little japanese maple and some bulbs as well. i wasn't sure of the bulbs would bloom this year since the winter was so mild, and since i got them in the ground a bit late. but i was pleasantly surprised to see them pop up!

we've been doing lots of other productive stuff as well, like cleaning out the garden pond, organizing, getting the nursery ready, etc... we're definitely having to make the most of any and all spare moments right now. hopefully i'll have some pics of the nursery to share soon...it's just about done, and it's been fun getting together a nursery that's gender neutral.

so here's hoping we can get a lot more accomplished over this next month...we're definitely on a roll!

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  1. You are completely right about not having time to accomplish things once the baby comes! We are overrun by garage clutter too, as well as boxes and boxes of baby clothes that Levi has outgrown (but are saving for the next baby). I'm running out of room! Our project for the summer is to build shelves in our garage too before the next baby comes. :)


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