*this post was written in october, but you will likely be reading this a couple months later.*

this week i got one of these...

yes, that's a positive pregnancy test. i took a second one just to be sure.

i yelled from the bathroom, and shomik came running because he thought we were out of toilet paper or something.

we were both pretty surprised.

which is in fact surprising...since we were sort of trying to get pregnant.

not trying in the strict sense...but we'd pulled the goalie awhile back.

however, my cycles had been super irregular and frustrating...with several months of late periods and no pregnancies, so i had gotten to where being late didn't really surprise me or make me suspicious.

plus, i had taken a test when this period first went MIA several weeks before, and got a negative at that point. so this test happened more than 3 weeks later...when i was about to miss a second period.

as a result the doctor thinks we could be as far as 6-8 weeks along. which would mean the end of may is baby time!

crazy, right?!

it completely doesn't feel real yet.

except for that my boobs hurt like crazy. i'm having some mean heart burn too...though i had previously attributed that to eating fried foods at the fair this week. :P i guess that is still a likely cause.

we're excited though. even though we have no clue what we're doing or how things will work.

it's definitely a miracle.
good thing God gives us a bit of time to get used to the idea.
i hope he'll prepare me to be a good mama as well over the next few months! :)


  1. Congratulations!

    I haven't put a out a post on this, so this would be the first posting on the internet about this - my wife is pregnant too! And her due date is Jun 28th, so pretty much close to yours! Since the dates are so close, I had to share! We had the first pre-natal doctor visit last Friday, Dec 2nd.

    ~ Krishanu


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